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Well, i've been really sick the past couple of days - but basically i am going to kepe track of my eating habits in here for now as best as i can. I am going ot try and update this everyday - but if i cant - i'll logon paper and update when i can.

Basically i am sick of looking and eating like a giant fucking pig. I'm horrible and horrible looking and i need to just stop being a self food-face-stuffing bitch and get over it. It might not make any sense to anyone else - but it makes perfect sense to me.

I am NOT going to put my weight in here - just know that when i had Elizabeth i gained 55+ pounds and i have only lost 35+ pounds of it - give or take. SO - i need to whip my ass into gear and being held accountable for the shit i eat is just one of the way i am going ot go about doing it.

Sunday - cant remember it all but it included Diet Pepsi Vanilla and hot tea, a couple of handfulls of chips - no-bake cookies (more then i care to recount - since i cant remember how many i actually had - it was a lot) - Brown Rice i think with lemon pepper seasoning salt, starlight hard candies (the peppermint candy cane looking round hard candies) and whatever else i can remmeber - but more i am sure since it was supper bowl sunday.

Monday - more crap - more hard candies, hot tea and diet pepsi vanilla, french fries and i cant remember but i dont htink a whole lot else.

Tuesday - Salad with regular dressing - but not loads - maybe 1/2 a serving of dressing on a full bowl of lettuce with shreeded carrots and such (pre-bagged at the grocery) a hot dog - a small bag of fritos my hot tea and diet soda - and some peanutbutter no-bake cookies (different - but i dont think i would make them again - for ANYONE) - and if i dont have anything else tonight - that will be it

I havent done any of my walk - seeing as i can bearly breath or go 5 minutes without coughing myself into a headache faster then you can say "fat cow" to me.

My plan:

Eat better - including taking my medication and cutting out diet soda to only having it once in awhile
Drink more water
MOVE! walking - running - whatever... just not sitting on my duff like i have since snow hit - i really hate winter - snow should be here unless it is christmas morning - that is the only day i need it :)

Ok - i think that is about it - and i have been long winded enough.


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Feb. 9th, 2005 03:48 pm (UTC)
Sometimes it makes me angry how much processed easy to eat crap there is out there. The food companies know exacly what causes cravings and they use those indegrients to make the most delish things that are only unhealthy but rarely fail to make one crave more and more and more.

Jul. 9th, 2010 06:08 am (UTC)
the breathing in this entry - turns out i had pneumonia
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